Subject: Re: new site for my mac68k lc040 build of 1.6
To: Bruce ONeel <>
From: John Klos <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 06/24/2003 20:07:26

> With many thanks to John Klos of, there is a new
> site for the LC040 build of NetBSD 1.6.
> Even cooler this is on a 68k system as well, one, I might add, that
> seems to be fairly responsive even when the load is in the
> double digits.

It handles work quite well considering it is standing in for a 700 MHz G4
server while I figure out why that machine is not stable. It's doing about
10 gigs of web traffic a day, most of which is for two php sites, so
there's a lot of dynamic content work for it to do.

> Off topic, but, how fast is an 060 vs an 040 at the same clock speed?

Hmmm... Hard to say. I did compare the time it took to build the entire
source tree between a 50 MHz 68060 with fast SCSI-2 and a 40 MHz 68040
Quadra 650. The '060 was a little more than twice the speed. However, when
it comes to the entire system, Amigas have hardware that's generally more
efficient because things like DMA mattered a lot under AmigaDOS. The wide
ultra SCSI, for instance, helps a lot; even with LOTS of disk activity
going on, the system is quite responsive, but my m68k Mac systems seem to
get slowed down noticeably from stuff like fetching a cvs tree.

This system, reva, btw, is a 66 MHz 68060 with 64 bit memory, so it's even
faster than the 50 MHz system I had compared with a 40 MHz Quadra 650.

> Thanks again!

Sure! Now to get to work on a 1.6.1 snapshot...

John Klos
Sixgirls Computing Labs