Subject: Installation, IDE and 68LC040
To: None <>
From: Terence Tan <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 06/16/2003 19:36:12
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Yesterday, I spontaneously decided to install NetBSD on my Performa 630 
(actually a 580 motherboard in a 6200 case, but who's counting...), 
using Bruce Oneel's LC040 distribution.

Alas, couldn't use good ol' mkfs and the installer, because the 
internal drive is IDE.

Alas, couldn't use sysinst, because of the well-documented "uid0 comm 
newfs on: file system full" bug that comes from FPU emulation.

So I transplanted the IDE hard drive to a PowerMac, did it with Drive 
Setup from my Mac OS 9 CD, booted the NetBSD macppc install kernel, and 
ran newfs from there. I guess I could have unpacked the sets whilst I 
was at it, but I felt compelled to put the hard drive back in the 630 
and unpack there.


Interesting questions: can sysinst on the macppc installer install 
mac68k sets? The partitioning scheme on macppc looked a bit different 
from what mac68k used. I did investigate newfs on Mac OS X, but it 
looks like it creates 4.3BSD filesystems as opposed to 4.2BSD (not sure 
what the difference is, but not willing to gamble my hard drive to it).

Anyway, things to think about.


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