Subject: RE: squirrelmail on se/30
To: None <>
From: Paul Thompson <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 12/14/2002 10:54:24
Hi, I installed Twig, on a LC475 running
NetBSD. It took me a weekend to get it going, I had to compile everything
(Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL and Imap. It's been rock solid and performs ok, a
little slow but it's ok for reading and sending email, more ram would
probably help, since it's running in 20mb. Twig has more like Outlook, and
has tasks, calendars etc... which you can turn off if you don't want them.

Cheers, Paul.

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Subject: Re: squirrelmail on se/30

In the past I have used Aeromail (I am now using squirrelmail) which is
a very nice webmail package based on PHP. I would still be using it but
I couldn't get it to work right with Courier-IMAP. I didn't try very
hard though. Check it out and let us know what you think.


On Friday, December 13, 2002, at 01:40 PM, olof hennig wrote:

> Thanks for your answer.
> After I sent my query I tried Ilohamail and it worked a lot better
> than squirrelmail. Not fast enough though, more like using hotmail on
> a 33.6 modem, but at least usable. I was going to give imp a try, but
> if you say squirrelmail is better I'll skip it. =)
> If I can't find anything better I think I'll try to write my own
> php-based webmail, with only the bare necessities (unless we move to a
> bigger apartment where I can set up another netbsd machine).
> olof
> fredagen den 13 december 2002 kl 21.42 skrev Hauke Fath:
>> At 13:49 Uhr +0100 13.12.2002, olof hennig wrote:
>>> Is it possible to run Squirrelmail (1.2.10) on an SE/30 (1.5.3) and
>>> get
>>> a descent performance?
>> AFAICS, no.
>>> Right now it's barely usable on my machine. It takes nearly two
>>> minutes
>>> to open a folder, a message or any other page in squirrelmail.
>> I set it up at work on a K6/233 with 128 MBytes RAM, and it's barely
>> useable. Much more stable and looks much cleaner, though, than the
>> horde/imp thing.
>> 	hauke