Subject: hardware for donation
To: '' <>
From: Larson, Timothy E. <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 09/16/2002 12:43:00
Are you hacking on NetBSD/mac68k and need some hardware?  I've got some I need to clear out of my garage.  You can have it if you want to pick it up, pay for the shipping, or can meet me someplace that I travel to.  I'm in Owatonna MN, and routinely go about an hour in every direction, and occasionally to Lincoln NE area, if that helps.

Originally I was selling off some old equipment cheap to raise money for refurbishing slightly newer machines I'm giving away.  These didn't go.  If nobody here can use them for development, I'm going to strip the useful parts for spares and throw the cases out.  I hate to throw away a working machine but I need the space back.

This is simply called "Apple Scanner" on its label.  Model A9M0337.  It's big and old, and I haven't tested it (no software).  Centronics style connector, but I don't have cable.  Big and heavy, so pickup would be best.  

*1 IIci
5/40 MB.  System 7.1.  Case has been written on a bit.  Has 1993 Asante ethernet card, for RJ45 and thicknet, IIRC.  

*3 IIcx
Unit 1: 5/40 MB.  System 7.1.  Apple video card.  Case has been written on a bit.  
Unit 2: ?/80 MB.  No video card, therefore untested.  Someone did a nice job of painting the case black.  All RAM slots are full.  
Unit 3: ?/0 MB.  No video card, no hard drive, therefore untested.  Nice and clean.  Half the RAM is full.  

*3 IIsi
Unit 1: 9/80 MB.  System 7.1.  Case has a few smudges.  
Unit 2: 9/40 MB.  
Unit 3: ?/80 MB.  Battery has leaked and corroded several mobo components, but everything else looks to be in good shape.  Maybe good for parts.  


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