Subject: disklabelling an ide drive
To: None <>
From: schaecsn <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 08/25/2002 20:56:23

I stuck installing netbsd 1.6 RC1 on my Quadra 630.

Finally, I want to install it on the ide drive. I managed to install netbsd (temorarily) on an external scsi drive.

I set up three macintosh partions on the ide drive with macos's "drive setup" program. The first and second shall be converted to / and swap and the last one shall be the mac boot disk. So far, so good. I was able to create three mac partions.

Booting netbsd on the scsi drive I want to disklabel the ide drive.

1) disklabel wd0 > dl

2) changing mac partion to 4.2BSD and swap.

3) disklabel -R -r dl wd0

Bang, from now on I can't access that drive from macos (and from the netbsd booter). When booting macos from the scsi drive I get a warning that the ide "disk is unreadable by this macintosh - do you want to initialize it?".

Even when I skip step 2) above I screw up the partions. How do I properly disklabel that guy?

Any ideas?


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