Subject: Re: reporting problems with 1.6beta
To: Tom Jernigan <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 07/11/2002 12:36:35
On Thu, 11 Jul 2002, Tom Jernigan wrote:

> How do I report a problem with the 1.6beta?

"send-pr", category "pkg". It should automatically fill in the release
information for the host you run it on; you just have to paste or read
in the make log in the description field. If you can't send mail from
that host, you can reach the web based form from
<>, but then you should be
careful to fill in all the fields correctly.

> I tried to install cups-1.1.14nb1 from source. It worked fine in netbsd 1.5. It fails during the compile with the following message:
> Compiling GfxFont.cxx...
> cc -Wall -fPIC -O2 -I/usr/pkgsrc/print/cups/work/.buildlink/include -I/usr/pkgsrc/print/cups/work/.buildlink/include -O2 -m68040 -I.. -c GfxFont.cxx  -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/GfxFont.o
> cc1plus in malloc(): error: brk(2) failed [internal error]
> In file included from GfxFont.cxx:38:
> CNS13CMapInfo.h:28831: Internal compiler error.
> CNS13CMapInfo.h:28831: Please submit a full bug report.
> CNS13CMapInfo.h:28831: See <URL:> for instructions.
> gmake[1]: *** [GfxFont.o] Error 1
> gmake: *** [all] Error 1
> *** Error code 2

It does look like a bug in g++. The typical "fix", if you want to take
a stab at it yourself, is to patch the package's makefile to build
that one file with "-O", and document it in doc/HACKS (so it can be
removed when the compiler is fixed, someday).

It's also looks wierd to me, that the make system is compiling a
cplusplus file with "cc". I wonder if it would help to use "c++" or
"g++"? Even if you don't want to tackle the make system, you could
descend into the build directory, call "cc" or "c++" directly with the
apropriate arguments to build that one file (whatever works), then
resume the build at the pkgsrc level. If that gets a you working
package, it would be pertinent information for the PR.