Subject: Apache shutdown
To: NetBSD <>
From: Chris Bartlett <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 06/26/2002 18:19:27
I'm asking here first for two reasons... 1: I installed a mac68k package 
of Apache, and 2: I haven't had a chance to track down an Apache group 
yet. So here goes:

I have Apache 2.0.16 installed, and apparently running (it took me a 
while to trace all the errors, but it is up and serving the default page, 
although not matching a language version, but I think that is an iCab 
issue as it works fine with IE 5.5 on win2k).

My problem is, stopping it. If I issue the 'apachectl stop' command, it 
reports that there is no PID file so httpd isn't running. However, there 
IS a pid file (I can see it, I can read it). And a 'ps -a' shows httpd as 
running. The error_log doesn't show any attempt to shut it down (I 
already have it set to debug level logging).

I can stop it using Kill and the PID number, and then the error_log 
reports that it is shutting down, so it seems like that stops it ok. But 
the Apache docs indicate that I should be doing a stop with the apachectl 
executable, so I hate to issue a kill, and more importantly, it seems 
like it is a sign that something else isn't set correctly.

Anyone have a clue? Or am I better off hunting down an Apache group and 
reask there (I will need to find one anyway, but in the mean time I am 
hoping someone here knows what is going on).