Subject: Re: 3-button mouse
To: Thomas Carlson <>
From: Shigeki UNO <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 05/20/2002 02:30:46
Thomas Carlson <> writes:

> Does anyone know of a 3-button ADB mouse that works with NetBSD and is
> CURRENTLY sold?  The ones mentioned in the How-to literature are no longer
> available.  What about the Perfit Mouse, in particular?  Has anyone had any
> experience with one of those?

I have Microspeed 3 button mouse, which works well with NetBSD/mac68k.
Where did I buy it? well, I got it for around 4 bucks at Yahoo Japan
Auctions.  (BTW, I've been running 1.5ZA.) So I think you'll be able
to get that sorts of mice at Ebay in your country, The States. Let's
poking around to find 3 button mouse.

Good luck!

Shigeki UNO <>