Subject: Re: ide installation
To: None <>
From: Kris Jones <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 03/30/2002 12:36:02
> > I just got a Quadra 630 and a Performa 636CD. I do understand that the
> > latter is not supported by NetBSD
>I thought they were the same thing. I have a 636CD that still has a
>NetBSD-1.3.2 partition on it, though I don't run it in NetBSD often.
>I did swap the chip for a full 68040.

They are the same thing. The Quadra version has a full '040, the Performa 
came with bundled software, different ram/hd/cd configs (hence 636CD) and an 
LC'040. You will probably want to swap out the proc on the Performa for a 
full '040 for it to be usable.

> > Sadly, I cannot even solve the first step: how do I partition my 
> > all the programs mentioned in the install.html file from netbsd-1.5.2 
> > either commercial products or scsi-only.
> > what I don't have to offer. The only other IDE computer is a 486 running
> > linux. will the following work:
> >
> > - plug my mac-ide disk into my 486 and repartition it. unfortunately, 
> > doesn't know about the magic number of A/UX partititon. suggestions?
>I don't think so. The partitioning scheme for *86 PC's is very
>different than for Mac's.

I don't think partitioning on a x86 is a good idea. You *should* be able to 
use Apple's "Drive Setup" on the internal IDE drive. I remember doing it on 
a Q630, even with a 3rd party drive (no resedit hack or anything! woohoo!) 
Whether mkfs will work on an IDE drive, though, is another story.

Let us know if it works! I could always use another NetBSD box, and I've got 
a Q630 and a 1gig Apple IDE drive just sitting around waiting!

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