Subject: Re: NetBSD mac68k ELF
To: Martin Espinoza <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 03/22/2002 21:40:14
On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 12:55:43PM -0800, Martin Espinoza wrote:
> I have the latest booter from the site, do I need a different 
> sooper sekrit booter instead?

You need a 2.something booter.  The latest one of those is probably
fine.  2.0.0a10 is the latest on and should be the latest
on, too.

> That's excellent! This is just a hobby for me anyway, I need to use 
> FreeBSD and NetBSD to round out my free Unix experience, so building the 
> system myself is a reasonable thing to do.

Actually, for ELF, if you have a fast box around of any type running
NetBSD (or possibly Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, etc.), you could try
cross-compiling with the current sources and


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