Subject: Asante MC3NB NIC
To: PORT-MAC68K <>
From: Don Yuniskis <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 12/25/2001 23:25:55
     I have a couple of Asante MC3NB NICs that I would like
to install in a few Macs, here.  Not sure of the exact P/N...
they have AUI and 10BaseT connections.

The network that I want to install the machines on is
coax (low bandwidth requirement and I don't want to have to
deal with finding a place to stash a hub!).  So, I need the
10Base2 interface.

I am currently doing this with external transceivers but they
take up a lot of room in back of the machines.  And, the Mac's
need "skinny" (thin?) versions of the transceivers due to the
recessed nature of the connectors (AUI) on the back panel!

The PCB was obviously laid out for a "combo" NIC -- capable
of 10BaseT, AUI *and* 10Base2.  The components required
to implement the 10Base2 interface are just "not stuffed".

I would like to just add those components to the board
(several of which I already use in other designs) but am
unsure of *all* of them.  Would someone with such a board
(i.e. the "combo" board described above) be willing to
tell me what those components actually are?  Or, perhaps
*loan* me a board for a day or two and I can copy down the
pertinent information myself...?

The boards I have are labeled:

I can provide a list of reference designators for the
missing components -- or, even a photo of the board
to illustrate where each missing component is located.

I realize this is a lot to ask and it may be easier for me to
just look around for a source of the "combo" version of the
board (i.e. with the 10Base2 already populated).

On a related note, does anyone have documentation for
this card that they could share with me?  I haven't
found anything useful in a web search.  In particular,
I would like to know the function of "JP1" and anything
else that might be noteworthy.


Holly Hapidays!