Subject: 10-base-T to autoswitching, was Performa 475 back to LCIII
To: Mark Benson <>
From: John Klos <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 11/30/2001 16:28:07
> > No, just don't try to connect it directly to a 100BT Ethernet - I am
> > pretty sure it won't negotiate down.
> Oh, I have an auto-sensing D-Link 10/100Mbps Hub, will it work with that?
> Surely the hub does the negotiating in this case....

Some of the NuBus cards have problems when connected to an autoswitching
10/100-base-T hub. I think this has something to do with SQE or something.
Most of the cards that have caused me problems have a jumper on them that
needed to be switched.

That said, I have not seen any LC PDS ethernet cards that either have that
jumper or need them. I have eight Quadra 605s with many types of ethernet
cards, all of which I tested when changing the code that autosenses the
amount of memory on ae ethernet cards, and all worked fine with an
autoswitching hub.

John Klos