Subject: Re: Packages
To: None <>
From: Randy Beaudreault <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 08/07/2001 10:24:13
>  > >What packages are they? What were the problems?
>>  The two packages I've seen so far have to do with 1.5 and are
>>  GTK+-1.2.8 and HFSutils-3.2.6.  GTK+ installs just fine but the
>>  version reported by gtk-config --version is wrong, 1.2.20, and messes
>>  up a build of some outside source code that depends on the proper
>>  version being installed.  In installing HFSutils I found that pkg_add
>>  reported a bad expand URL when it tried to expand libhfs-3.2.6.tbz.
>>  Oops.
>The first problem is not specific to the package or to the platform. The
>same problem has occurred many places, and will hopefully be fixed

I hope it will, but not if bug reports like mine are summarily 
dissmissed with stuff like this:
This problem has been fixed in the meantime. Please update to a newer version.
If there was a newer package to install I would've tried that.

>I'm not quite sure what URL is used in the second package, but I will
>check this out once I get home.
>I think it's safe to submit a pr for the first problem, at least.

Been there, done that.  See above. :)

>  > Can I report other package problems to you also?  Thanks
>If you think that the problems are due to the build process, yes.  Version
>numbers and stuff like that are usually not, but I'd like to hear about
>them, so I can rebuild the package once it is fixed.

Ok, I'll ask you what's good for a pr.
Randy Beaudreault

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