Subject: Re: "double lines"
To: John Valdes <>
From: Cameron Kaiser <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 07/24/2001 21:11:36

> No idea, but some questions which may perhaps illuminate someone else:
> Are you using the internal video on the IIci, or a NuBus video card?
> If internal video, does the same problem happen if you use NuBus
> video?  (I ask since the IIci uses part of main memory for video
> memory, and perhaps it doesn't like the SIMMs you're using; although
> if this were the case, I'd expect problems under MacOS as well.)

That's what I would think too, but it ran all weekend in MacOS banging
repeatedly on the SIMMs (2,627 consecutive tests and no errors). This
is why I'm wondering if NetBSD is having some issue MacOS is not.

> If you remove half the SIMMs, does the problem go away?  How about if you
> remove the remaining SIMMs and reinstall the first batch?  Also, do
> you know if your IIci uses parity SIMMs?  (Some versions of the IIci
> could use parity memory, 'though I don't know how to distinguish
> between those that do and those that don't.)  If so, do your SIMMs
> have a parity chip?

It's not a parity board (thank goodness). I actually have a hardware test
kit and I'm banging on the system with that now, but it's MacOS as well.
If it reports no hardware errors, I'm really at a loss.

One thing that might be of interest was when the system was "quiet" it
did have an overnight uptime and probably longer if I had let it. It's only
when I start thrashing the disk with the kernel compile that it goes wacky.
Might this be a symptom for which I should consider using the SBC kernel?

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