Subject: Re: Disk parameters for Mkfs for a Syjet 1.5 GB drive?
To: David C. Hacker, DVM <>
From: Cameron Kaiser <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 06/26/2001 19:06:21
> Has anyone tried to install NetBSD onto a Syjet 1.5 GB drive?  I tried using 
> the default disk parameters in Mkfs and the drive seemed to format ok, but 
> when I tried to install NetBSD I got almost to the end of the base.tgz file 
> and I got a disk error.  Something about could not find a certain block.  

This is a known error, and there's still apparently problems with installing
to large partitions (>1GB). What version of the Installer/NetBSD are you

For my 1.4.2 installation, I ended up cpin'ing the rest of the .tgz files
after base bombed out, and then booting in single user and untarring them
on the NetBSD side. This only works after you've built devices, so if you
end up starting over, build devices first, then install kern.tgz, install
base.tgz until it stops, go to the minishell and copy the rest of your
packages in with cpin, boot, mount your filesystems r/w, and untar the
packages yourself.

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