Subject: Re: Quadra 700 & IIci
To: Andy Ball <>
From: Cameron Kaiser <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 06/10/2001 13:49:50
> That sounds similar to the lines I'm thinking along.  I have
> a Mac LC that will be running System 7.5.5 (I would rather
> run 7.1, but have been told that 7.5.5 is the easiest way to
> support TCP/IP on its 10Base-T card). From there I should be
> able to run terminal sessions into the Quadra (possibly
> telnet, I don't know if an ssh client is available for
> System 7).

Try (he should still be supporting 68K). I would still
recommend 7.1, though, since it has much lower memory overhead. You can
get the Network Access disk and that will solve your TCP/IP issues.
7.5.5 is simpler, true, but it's probably too bloated for an LC.

> Can I make the Mac boot straight into NetBSD?

Yes. Make an alias of the booter in the Startup Items folder in the System
Folder. Then go into the booter's options and set accordingly (there should
be an option there to boot NetBSD after so many seconds; I give mine five).
Restart and you should go straight into NetBSD after a brief courtesy pause
in case you had MacOS housekeeping to do (Command-period aborts out).

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