Subject: Re: Duo 230
To: Tom Tarka <>
From: Falk Stern <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 04/25/2001 12:19:47
On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Tom Tarka wrote:

> Last I checked, the deal with the duo 230 is as follows:
> - it works


> - out of the dock (and in the dock if your dock has no FPU), it's SLOW 
> because it has no
> 	FPU.  This especially true because it has to run  FPU emulation code

That's what I guessed...

> - the internal hard drive could be a limiting factor (if it's 120megs, 
> you can do "ok" but it's still
> 	pretty tight for a robust install)

I have a complete install on a 135MB Syquest Cardridge. ;))

> - I could not get the internal modem, serial ports or external hard 
> drive to work
> 	with my mini-dock.  This may have changed and/or may be different 
> with the full dock.

Hm. It doesn't even boot the Kernel when inserted in the Dock. Serial
ports seem functional but it reboots when trying to initialize the
graphics board. I will put a nubus card into the Dock later that evening
and try again. Or is Allen Briggs still dealing with the video drivers?

I am no programmer, but if somebody tell me what keys to push in
MacsBug I can surely help ;)

> - you need a special kernel, although at this point, I believe all of 
> the kernel mods have been
> 	included in the GENERIC kernel, although I could be wrong

Generic Kernel boots and drops me into the debugger, because it has no
root-fs. Keyboard works in the debugger, so it should in userland ;)

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