Subject: Re: /dev/urandom and openssh
To: Stefan Jeglinski <>
From: gabriel rosenkoetter <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 03/20/2001 11:39:39
On Tue, Mar 20, 2001 at 10:43:41AM -0500, Stefan Jeglinski wrote:
> I noted that the default conf already has pseudo-device rnd on, but I 
> recompiled the kernel with it on again anyway. This did not change 
> anything (sort of expected), so the kernel compile switch is not the 
> answer.

Hrm. It should be.

> I note that there is no /dev/urandom on my system. Was there 
> something I missed in the standard mac68k 1.4.3 install? Or is there 
> some other undocumented step I need to do to create this dev? I think 
> it is the real solution to the openssh install.

Try doing a ( cd /dev && sh MAKEDEV random )

Just because support for it's in the kernel doesn't mean that the
device was created.

> Also in the archives, I saw a reference to cyrus-sasl, so I built and 
> installed that as well, but no help in the end.

I don't even know what that does, and I'm definitely using OpenSSH.
:^> (Er, well, not on any m68k machines right now, but this oughtn't
be an architecture-dependant thing.)

You might also considering moving up to 1.5 or -release; they're
really quite stable and UVM is much improved. (Not that this relates

       ~ g r @