Subject: Focus_Etherlan_SC
To: port-mac68k <>
From: Jorge Almeida Santos <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 03/02/2001 14:10:43
Hi All,

I've just installed and configured the binaries of netbsd1.5 in a
PowerBook 160. The installation and basic configuration was quite easy
and the system seems to be very stable. However, I'm facing a few

1) I have a Focus Etherlan SC, SCSI to ethernet interface. It works quit
well within MacOS.
I read  somewhere (in the netbsd site?) that SCSI to internet interfaces
were supported.
But I was unable to find how could I configure my machine to access the
network when running netbsd.
Is there a specific device?
Do I need to install a specific module?

2)My PB160 has a "Portuguese" keyboard.  I need to configure the kbd map
accordingly. I know how to do this with linux boxes but not with netbsd
systems. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Jorge Santos