Subject: Re: Difficulty bringing up netbsd 1.5 on a Quadra 840AV
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: David Henderson <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 01/06/2001 19:57:48

The problem with not having X in my path went away when I restored

</bigger>So either the error message I noticed was benign, or the order
in which the *.tgz files are installed matters, or I just flat out
missed xserver.tgz in the first place. (I believe it had to do with a
symbolic link's destination not being present)

I've been thinking about how sloooow the Quadra 840 is compared to my
StarMax/5000, and I believe I'll progress to installing NetBSD there.
This point was really brought home when I started untarring pkgsrc from
a 2X cdrom.

Many thanks for your assistance.


>> When I went to try single user mode, I found that file /etc/ttys had
a line

>> that referred to ttyE0, not ttye0. I changed the file to agree with

>> in FAQ 10.14 for both ttye0 and tty00.


>Boot into single-user mode, run fsck, mount -a, restore /etc/ttys to

>way it was, cd /dev, and ./MAKEDEV all.


>The correct device name is ttyE0, but the installer (except the very

>latest one--just built in the last ocuple of days) doesn't create

>device.  ttye0 is historical and probably doesn't have the right

>major/minor number...  The FAQ should be updated.





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