Subject: Re: 1.5 segmentation fault, core dump, lock up ,bash
To: port mac68k <>
From: Shigeki Uno <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 12/12/2000 17:32:12
Guy Santiglia <> writes:

> I just installed 1.5 on a quadra 610 and I'm having a few problems.
> 1.  I installed bash2 from the pkgsrc and when I try to run the bash
> shell, I get meaningless scrolling characters, then the seg
> fault-core dump and then I get dropped back at a locked prompt. Has
> anyone else had the same problem?

Note: I'm still running 1.4.2 because japanized libc is included in it.  
Did you run following command to change previous shell for bash2 after
installing bash2 via pkgsrc?

Of couse, /usr/pkg/bin/bash has already been added to /etc/shells
automatically after installing bash2 using pkgsrc.

% chsh

  #Changing user database information for foo.
  Shell: /path/to/shell
  Full Name: foo bar
  Office Phone:
  Home Phone:


% chpass -s bash


That's all. Hope this helps.