Subject: trying to get the network going...
To: None <>
From: Sean Murphy <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 06/10/2000 19:18:36
Just installed NetBSD 1.4.2 and I'm trying to get it online. I've set it up
as per the instructions at

the one thing I'm not sure about is the Machine Name. The document says "If
you don't know what it is ask your local Network Guru." Well, I'm guru-less.
I also note that it's for version 1.2/1.3. Any huge differences with the
latest release?

I'm running it on a Quadra 650 with a static IP. It doesn't appear to be a
hardware problem as I can connect just fine under System 7.

I have the default router, IP address and subnet all triple checked. Still
no love.

The only seemingly abnormal output I get is

sn0: Tx - lost interrupt

any help is greatly appreciated!