Subject: Re: Semi-Off Topic: Haunted IIcx
To: None <,>
From: Paul Sander <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 01/04/2000 13:30:55 wrote:

>Also, since I have not successfully booted into Unix yet, I was wondering
>how the final boot process will play out in a production (i.e. unattended)
>environment? How that will work? Must I boot the Mac OS then have the
>Startup Items folder launch the NetBSD booter app? Then how does one
>execute the boot command... with Applescript?

Add the booter to your "startup items" folder, and it will launch when
MacOS comes up.  You can then configure it to boot NetBSD automatically
after a programmable delay.  (I use 5 seconds, which is enough time for
me to hit "pretzel-dot" in the event that I need to work on the boot
environment itself, while not being an inconvenience.)