Subject: Re: config dies on kernel build
To: Daniel M. Debertin <>
From: William Carrel <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 09/02/1999 23:22:05
On Fri, 3 Sep 1999, Daniel M. Debertin wrote:

> Excuse me, this is my first BSD kernel build (and will be for awhile,
> given that this one will take probably two days on my IIci with 17M of
> ram). Following the directions, which are a far sight from 'make
> menuconfig;make dep;make' that I'm used to in linux, I stop short at 
> config QUARK (quark is my box). I'm in /sys/arch/mac68k/conf; here's my
> error message:
> ../../../../conf/files:412: syntax error

This error is characteristic with your copy of /usr/sbin/config being out
of sync with the kernel your trying to compile.  I imagine that it'll all
run a little smoother once you update config.

> First of all, config must be accessing this file from one directory above,
> because that's the only way that all the ../'s resolve to an actual file.
> Secondly, that's the point in the file where we start to have lines like
> this:
> defpseudo vnd: disk
> defpseudo ccd: disk
> Anyone care to clue me in?

This, I'm not qualified to answer... not yet at least.