Subject: Re: MacOS -> NetBSD on null modem?
To: Bruce Anderson <>
From: Andy Finnell <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 08/12/1999 12:32:08
Bruce Anderson wrote:
> Sory Andy.
> I was using FreePPP on the classic because it ran in 4MB.
> Setting up FreePPP.
> Create a new account.
> Under the Options tab enter domain name and primary DNS for you local net
> Check the "Configure OT TCP/IP for this account" box
> Check the " IP address Assigned by PPP server" button

I had the TCP/IP control panel assign itself an IP.  I did change this
to have the "server" (NetBSD box) to assign it an IP, but I still get
the same results.
> the serial line needs to be 8N1 so I made a Modem configuration

Needs to be "8N1"?  What's that?

> I called "raw 38400"
> Connect to : modem Port
> Port Speed: 38400
> Flow control: None
> Modem init string settings
> select Use: "" radio button (and cut all text from the box)

Hmmm... the Mac is a PowerMac using OT/PPP, not FreePPP and MacTCP. 
However, it sounds like we've got about the same thing.  For the modem I
selected NULL Modem 19200 (NetBSD's options.tty00 is set to 19200 also)
because there's no 38400 null modem script (???).
> Then open MacTCP control panel and select FreePPP
> Did you setup /etc/ppp/pap-secrets on the server??

Yes.  If that wasn't configured, could I even get a PPP connection?  I
get the connection and can ping, just TCP doesn't work.