Subject: RE: newbie and pkg_add
To: None <>
From: Steve Revilak <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 08/01/1999 19:35:51
/ 	I'm trying to install some software packages that are on a CD in
/ .tgz formats.  After figuring out how to mount the damn cd (hey, it wasn't
/ very obvious to me), I made my way through the directories to the specific
/ pkg I wanted to install.  I tried using "pkg_add mosiac-2.7b5.tgz" and it
/ gave me four failed dependencies and quit.  The CD I got was suppost to
/ have everything I needed to get going, and I would imagine it would have
/ all the files needed to get the packages running.  The dependencies in
/ question are jpeg-6b, lesstif-0.87.1, png-1.0.3, and xpm-3.4k.

Those are "package dependencies" -- packages that mosaic (and others)
needs to have available in order to run.  Install the four packages you
listed and mosiac shouldn't give you a problem.

/	Also, I feel dumb asking these questions on this list.  I've got
/ many more to ask as well (why the hell are all the windows in X so damn big
/ on startup all the time?, skeleton .xinit files) and I would like to try
/ and find a faq or site with answers to these questions rather than waste
/ everyone's time.  I've looked but to no avail.  Any suggestions.  Thankyou,
I don't know if this applies here, but I remember reading somewhere
about large default window and font sizes being a consideration to
people with impared vision.... (I don't think it was in any NetBSD docs

For a kickstart: is one place to start. 
There's a few bare bones samples in there.

For more detailed customization, one solution might be to alias the
xterm command itself

	alias xterm "xterm +sb -geometry 80x24"

but the real key is to set up an .Xdefaults file in your home directory.

the resource setting corresponding to the above would be

XTerm.geometry:		80x24
XTerm.scrollBars:	true

(place these in ~/.Xdefaults)

(Hint -- hold down the control key and press one of the three mouse
buttons to invoke a popup menu that allows you to change the setting of
any existing xterm).

In general, program names in an Xdefaults file are the same as the
program name, but capitalized.  If the program starts with X, the first
two letters are capitalized.  After the program name comes a '.' or a
'*' followed by the name of the resource.  After the name of the
resource, there is a colon, then whitespace, then the setting value. 
Resource names are case sensitive.  The man pages for "X" list standard
resources, and the man page for a given client program will tell what
resources it understands.

Good luck.

Steve Revilak