Subject: Re: QuadraLink serial port card
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: David A. Gatwood <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 07/22/1999 11:31:53
On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, Bill Studenmund wrote:

> On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, David A. Gatwood wrote:
> > Oh, I understand.  You mean if the IOP could be controlled through DMA.  I
> > was suggesting that, by that description, the IOP acts like a DMA engine,
> > in that it reads from a section of memory and dumps it out in time through
> > the port.  The buffer that it reads from being fixed reminds me of the
> > AMIC DMA used in the x100 PowerMacs.  Same sort of issues, I assume.
> Is the AMIC SCSI or ethernet or none of the above?

It's the DMA engine used to drive all of the above -- SCSI, ethernet,
floppy, and serial... I think that's it.