Subject: Re: Boot hangs on 'root on sd0a dumps on sd0b'
To: None <>
From: Sean J. Schluntz <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 07/07/1999 08:05:40
>> I have tried the boot with 1.4, and the snaps from 19990620 and 19990628 
>> (with and without extensions enabled) and had the same problem with all 
>> of them. hang at "root on sd0a dumps on sd0b"
>> Any ideas?
>in the debugger, what does a 'ps' show?

Just so we know we are on the same track, I'm currently booting from the 
netbsd.GENERIC-6.tar.gz kernel from 19990628 which reports it's self as 
NetBSD 1.4D.

ps shows:

 0     -1    0   0  3  0x20204     swapper   scsipi_

and another trace shows:

_Debugger(140ee0,376a,1f5e50,353a,0) + 6
_nmihand(0,ffffffff,0,0,0) + 26
_mi_switch(2704,2200,0,8,0) + 12
_tsleep(4e0000,11,1255da,0) + 162
_scsipi_execute_xs(4e0000) + ac
_scsi_scsipi_cmd(4d9e00,1f5ef2,6,0,0) + 9c
_scsipi_prevent(4d9e00,1,180) + 44
_sdopen(401,0,6000,0) + e8
_sdsize(401,2704,ffff2200,1f3184,60000000) + 58
_cpu_dumpconf(0,0) + 46
_main(80040322,60000000,0,ffffcffc,280) + 380
_exec_aout_prep_zmagic() + 10a

Is there a minimum swap space that I'm not meeting or something? When I 
first did the system there was no swap space, but I completely wiped the 
HD and rebuilt it with the partitions I posted in the earlier message so 
there are separate U&R and Swap.


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