Subject: Re: lrz (was RE: ZTerm)
To: None <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 05/31/1999 04:32:45
On Mon, 31 May 1999 wrote:

> Does anybody here have experience using lrz? I've been able to send a couple
> of text files using the ZMODEM protocol, but no luck at all sending binaries
> (using the -b option). Sending text files often fails as well (usually about
> 10% of the file gets sent and then nothing more happens - Zterm just keeps
> retrying). I've tried setting ZTerm's Window param to 2048 (as its docs
> suggest), and also setting the -w option in lrz accordingly, but with no
> luck. After one failed transfer, I can't transfer anything else to the
> NetBSD box using ZMODEM until I reboot it.
> Does anybody have a setup that works?

What terminal program are you using on the NetBSD side? You must use a
terminal program to condition the line properly. I haven't tried
lately, but I've had some success in the past with kermit. I found I
needed this in .mykermrc:

; Put other UNIX-specific commands here...
define sz !sz \%1 \%2 \%3 \%4 \%5 \%6 \%7 \%8 \%9 < \v(line) > \v(line)
define rz !rz \%1 \%2 \%3 \%4 \%5 \%6 \%7 \%8 \%9 < \v(line) > \v(line)
set proto zmodem lrz {lrz -a} {lsz %s} {lsz -a %s} lrz lrz
end                             ; End of UNIX section

Full explanation can be had by type "help set proto" at the kermit
prompt. Bottom line is that the middle two are for sending, and the
last two are for receiving. (The first two are the command to exec on
the remote host, for receving: this shouldn't apply to Zterm). You
don't need to use the -b option for binary; it's the default.