Subject: Daystar Universal '030 40 Mhz
To: None <>
From: Steven D. Blackford <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 04/09/1999 21:30:27
Hi all,
   I mostly lurk on the list here.  I have NetBSD & OpenBSD installed on  
several systems.  Over the years I've been very impressed w/ the progress  
that's been made in NetBSD. ;-)
    I came across a Daystar Universal '030 40mhz accell card the other day  
and I remember reading about them way back when.  It came w/ an adapter board  
that's for a SE.  So, I got one out of the closet, thru the everything in it  
and it works great!  Now, here's my question.  Will this card work in a  
SE/30 without an adapter board??  I ordered another SE/30 yesterday.  The  
last one I had died last year. :-(  I'd like to use the Daystar in the SE/30  
& run NetBSD on that.  I know NetBSD supports it.  Also would anyone by  
chance have a copy of the docs & software for the board???  I'd be willing to  
pay for a copy.  Thanks.


Steve, aka Phoneman             NeXTmail Welcome!    ICQ # 9248680