Subject: clock accuracy
To: None <>
From: KITAMURA Yasuichi <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 02/22/1999 14:53:01
Dear NetBSD experts,

I installed 1.3.3 on my SE/30 and it works very well except one point. The 
issue is the clock or time accuracy. The clock of the SE/30 is as accurate 
as other Macintoshes, I think, on MacOS(7.5.5:-)). The time difference from 
the NTP server is about 3 sec in maximum. But when I switch to NetBSD, the
accuracy goes down. The time differenece from an NTP server is about 20
minutes per a week.

Is this the special case or is it the well-known issue?

Thank you for all your help.