Subject: Re: Measured progress on the laserwriter front
To: Steve Revilak <>
From: Lars M Gustafsson <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 01/08/1999 21:53:05
>Setting lp to /dev/null?  Interesting!  Two quick questions -- is this the
>netatalk from or did you compile from recent sources?  Also,
>since you're going in through the localtalk connector, do you happen to
>know what position the communication switch on the back is set to?  (0-4
>are 'hardwired' to localtalk).
>I'll give this a shot.  Thank you!

I got netatalk from , a while ago.
The communication switch on the back is set to 9.

I use a Farallon Ether Wave  Ethernet -> Localtalk converter , got
it from a friend for a couple of beers.. works just fine, from my
6 MacOS, 1 netBSD and 1 WintelPC  .....


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