Subject: Re: Quadra 950
To: dan dockery <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 11/11/1998 10:51:15
dan dockery wrote:
> Say, I just got a Quadra 950 and thought I'd put NetBSD on, but it's not
> listed as fully supported on the NetBSD pages.  On the MacBSD page, all of
> the portions are listed assupported except for the ADB.  Does anyone know
> if this is out of date?

it is _not_ out of date in this case.

> Is the Quadra 950 supported, and if not, what is needed to get it working?

the Q950 is currently not supported b/c i believe that neither the ADB
ports nor the serial ports work on that machine due to the IOP's (there is
some kind of serial port compat mode you can use, but that might only be
usable on the IIfx).  if you've got an ethernet connection, you could
probably bring the machine and access it through the network, but that'd
be a _lot_ of trouble....