Subject: Re: Setting prompt...
To: Chris Jewell <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/09/1998 09:24:40
Chris Jewell wrote:
> > in other words, the section below is almost the correct solution.  here's
> > the better one:
> > 
> > alias reprompt      'set prompt=`echo $cwd`"% "'
> > alias cd    'cd \!*; reprompt'
> > 
> When I do this I get an error that a variable must start with a letter.
> It does not recognize $cwd as a command.  I also tried to alias 'echo
> $cwd' to one word and when I use it in the set prompt it just prints the
> alias as the prompt.  I know that this can be done in a csh but I don't
> know how and it is getting frustrating!!!!

It works just fine for me.  Are you sure that you got the `'s and ''s
correctly there?

Someone else posted a solution with far prettier results last night, tho.


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