Subject: Re: It's _not_ entirely UVM's fault...
To: Space Case <>
From: Rolf Braun <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 05/15/1998 22:29:41
>On May 15,  8:00pm, Rolf Braun wrote:
>>2) The system can't finish booting to a login prompt on any UVM kernel
>>without panicking.
>There was a UVM fix a couple of days ago that might fix this one.  I don't
>know if I'll build both versions of the system this time or just the UVM

Is this bug the same one Ken Nakata tracked down, or a different one?

I'd build both, since UVM still may need a few tweaks before it's running
100%. Given what I've heard about UVM, I'd rather run it than the old VM if
all the bugs are fixed, but it's nice to have something to fall back on
since they don't seem to all be fixed yet. Having both also helps track
down which bugs are caused by UVM and which aren't (like the MRG problem).

(btw, anyone got any explanation for the MRG breakage? :)

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