Subject: Re: Re Re: Serial Terminal
To: Bert Koster <>
From: Nikolai Vladychevski <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 12/25/1997 20:59:21
>Very nice, but by trying this I came to the conclusion that I seem to miss 
>the "/etc/ppp/peers" dirictory
>Because after trying the above and several other options, I stil get the 
>message from 'pppd':
>peer authentication required but no suitable secret(s) found.
>What does this tell me?????
hmmm, probably you have some options in /etc/ppp/options that requiere 
autentification( when pppd is started it first read that file and adds 
all it contains to the command line), rename it  to options.old or 
should work ok. 

Hope it helps

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