Subject: Re: Clarify '040 situation?
To: Joseph Santaniello <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 12/08/1997 17:25:09
Joseph Santaniello wrote:
> After reading some of the various FAQ I found pertaining to netBSD, I 
> still am not entirely clear on whether current versions will work on any 
> '040 machines. I have a P475 with an FPU upgrade. Booting with the latest 
> 1.3 beta kernel, after the env list, it drops into the debugger with 
> signal 11. Is this something I can configure my way around, or do I just 
> have to wait for full '040 support?

Have you tried the latest version of the Booter (1.11.1)?  There's a hack
that might help you work around a video mapping problem on that type of


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