Subject: kernfs and stand - Re: Kernel Owned by ??
To: port-mac68k Mailing List <port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Austin Brower <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 12/06/1997 09:28:13
>Austin Brower wrote:
>> Hello Y'all,
>>      I finally got around to reinstalling NetBSD 1.2.1, and while not 
>> prompt to appear.
>Hmmmmm....I don't quite know why this would be happening.  Perhaps when
>you upgrade to 1.3, you'll manage to fix whatever is wrong (btw, how was
>your last installation setup?)
>>     But, I digress, here is my greatest question.  I recently ls -l'ed 
>> the root and found that the kernel, netbsd, is owned by user 200 in group 
>> wheel.  I know of no user 200 on this system and feel that something is 
>> wrong here.  Is user 200 the correct owner of the kernel?
>No, it looks like whomever you got the kernel from had it incorrectly
>owned by themselves (well, I always do my compiles as root and install
>from there, so my kernels are always owned by root).  If you install
>using the -p option to tar, it will preserve whatever user/group id's
>where on the file, whether or not they actually exist on your system.  You
>might want to do a:
>chown root:wheel /netbsd
>just to fix it up.  Otherwise, if you ever create a user with id 200,
>they'll be able to muck with the kernel...not a good thing, in all
>Colin Wood

Colin, Bill, and Mark,
     I thank you three for your help. I chowned the kernel even though I 
found out from y'all that it really didn't matter who owned it. Colin: I 
plan to upgrade to 1.3 when it is released formally, the other user of 
the machine wants something that he can use all the time w/o problem.

     Now on to two (or more) questions for the entire list:
       1)  What is the kernfs filesystem/directory for?  Does it a 
perminant part of the root filesystem, or is it created at start up?
       2)  What is the stand directory for?
  I ask these questions because I will be moving my root filesystem 
directories to another HD sometime next week and need to know what 
directories to move.

Have a great weekend,
   Austin Brower

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