Subject: Re: Strange installation problems.
To: None <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/21/1997 21:57:23
Gabe Ricard wrote:
> Ok, I am using a Quadra 700, 68040 25MHz, 20MB ram, 1.0 GB HD. I
> formatted the HD perfectly with HDT for AU/X 2.0. I had installed and
> ran NetBSD 1.2.1 on this machine earlier this year with complete
> success. Anyways... I ran Mkfs 1.45 using the default format settings it
> gave me and then received this output...


> It gets to the end and said there were no errors. I then installed
> NetBSD 1.2.1 base, etc, kernel, man, misc, text and comp packages. As
> soon as it was done I installed the GENERIC-45 kernel.

Just wondering but, why in the world do you want to install fairly
incompatible binaries with a -current kernel?  Especially when there are
perfectly compatible binaries in the next directory over?

> So at this point,
> everthing was installed, the devices were built etc. I then proceded to
> run Booter 1.11.0 and got into NetBSD. It ran through the startup
> procedures, checked the hard drive, which I noticed was not clean, and
> right away had a 0.2 % contingencey (fragmented?). Then proceeded to
> tell me...

The fragmented thing is nothing to worry's more a count of
small files than a warning on the state of your disk optimization.

> /etc/rc.conf was not setup: Not booting into multi-user mode.
> (or something along those lines)

As Steve said, set rc_configured? to YES.

> It asked me to choose a shell and then logged me in as root in a single
> user system.
> I have no idea what happened, and I edited /etc/rc.conf to fit my needs
> but it STILL said it wasn't setup. Any ideas as to what is going on
> here? I have some odd feeling that my hard drive is somehow screwed up,
> but nots not very old at all, maybe about a half a year old at most. 

Try the above, although I hadn't thought that 1.2.1 had that particular
variable...are you sure you installed etc121?  I'm running a version from
January, but even then, it should be newer than yours, and it doesn't have
that variable in it....I'd try updating all your binaries, if I were you.

> I installed NetBSD on this same machine and hard drive at the beginning
> of this year with great ease and now all of a sudden it decides not to
> work. Heh. Any and all help is greatly appreciated

Try keeping your kernels and binaries in sync...things should go a whole
lot smoother ;-)

I hope this helps some.


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