Subject: Re: port-mac68k universe
To: Brian Wildasinn <>
From: Dave Huang <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/17/1997 15:14:11
On Fri, 17 Oct 1997, Brian Wildasinn wrote:
> Hi Dave!  You saved me again! Sure enough, those little vectab's in
> machdep.c were switched making bogus netbsd kernels for the Q700--at
> least for current snapshot 971004. 

Cool, I knew that problem looked familiar :) Did you actually download
sys.tar.gz on 971004 though? Or is that when you downloaded the binary
snapshot? 'cuz any sys.tar.gz after 970713 or so shouldn't have the bug... 

> Did a check at NetBSD's ftp site. Only see one sys.tar.gz located in,
>     sys.tar.gz 10564 Kb Thu Oct 17 14:33:00 1996 application/gzip.

sys.tar.gz is updated daily, but the filename never changes. So I meant
that you should check the date on the copy that you had download, not the
one on the ftp site, which should always be dated either today or

> The only other directory seems to be src files that are not gzipped.The
> ../tar_files/sys.tar.gz directory is the one i've been using for kernel builds.
> Would you know where the updates to sys.tar.gz are kept?

Probably the easiest way to stay updated is to install and run the "sup"
program. You only need to download the huge sys.tar.gz once, then run sup
whenever you want to update your source. It'll only download the files
that have changed, saving a lot of time :) Take a look at for more sup info.

> [Unrelated Stuff:  By the way, does your Q700 run pap in ppp? The ppp
> scripts used to at least dial the modem, but not any more. Says there's
> a loop and a warning about the whole world seeing pap-secrets, so it
> quits. Could you email me your ppp scripts? If so, please include all
> those pesky ppp files and a generic pap-secrets file too so my ip stuff
> can go in there. I'm still using the macOS for internet stuff, which
> seems like a convoluted way to download unix files. Lynx is installed
> but w/o a ppp connection it's useless.]

I've got a C660av, not a 700, but that vectab bug affected all 68040 (and
68LC040) machines. I'll mail you my PPP files though :) As for the warning
about the whole world seeing pap-secrets, you need to do "chmod 600
/etc/ppp/pap-secrets" ... Maybe "chown root /etc/ppp/pap-secrets" too. I
think pppd will refuse to do PAP if pap-secrets is world readable. 

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