Subject: Kernel help needed!: Address error trap
To: None <port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Brian Wildasinn <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/09/1997 08:32:39

The kernel compiled, but turned out to be bogus since at boot time it
dumped its registers giving this explanation:

    trap type 1, code=0, v=16bccc
    kernel: Address error trap
    pid=0, pc=00E2416, p=2000, sfc=0001, dfc=0001...
    panic: Address error

Here's the dubugger stuff:

_Debugger (1,16bc38, e6662, e636a, 8) +6
_panic (e636a, 8, 0, 0, 16bd 0f) +40
_trap (1, 0, 16bccc) + 1e6
faultstkadj (0, 8 347000, ffffff, 1) + 0
_nubus_probe_slot (0, 8347000, a, 16bda6) +36
_nubus_attach (6b8f980, 6b8f740, 0, 6b8f980, 0) +88
_config_attach (6b8f980, f4206, 0, 0, 6b8f980) +28c
_mainbus_search (6b8f980, f4206, 0, f41c2, f4206) +2e
_mapply (16be7c, f4206) +3c
_config_search (e3874, 6b8f980, 0, e3846, 0) +56
_mainbus_attach (0, 6b8f980, dea79, dea79, dea79) +1e
_config_attach (0, f41ce, dea79, 0, 124) +28c
_config_rootfound (dea79, dea79) +3a
_configure (dfbae, cc, cc000, dfb9d, 1044000) + 24
_cpu_startup (f5004, 9f60, 9550, 80040a5a, f9001000) +492
_main () + 4a
_main () + 4a
db> show object
Object 0cbc2f2: size=0x32006131, res=6369280, ref=1630732385,
flags=0x3600, pip=24885, pager=0x360006435+ 0x643400,
shadow=(0x64330064) + 0x32006431 shadowers=(0x206e0008 trap type ,
code=0, v=16b9b4
Kernel: Address error trap
Caught exception in ddb

Still trying to get a scsiconf.c path into a custom kernel so MEDIAVIS
RENOX2A cdrom drive will mount. Right now the GENERIC 44 chokes on it.
Is there a faq on how to use the debugger info, or a tutorial?

Any help compiling a new kernel is helpful!


Brian Wildasinn
notes: Q700, current snapshot 970927 & X11R6.3, sys.tar.gz from current
tars, Seagate 1gig, and a bowl of cereal.