Subject: Building LaTeX (web2c-7.0) solution.
To: None <port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Kelvin Chu <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 09/26/1997 14:19:31
Hi all;

After much fooling around with Makefiles and frustration with the latest
release of LaTeX via the web2c (v 7.0) sources I have a solution:

1.  The sources are available from CTAN sites (,
   or the TUGboat site,  You will need the files
   texmflib.tar.gz, web2c.tar.gz, web.tar.gz.  There are dvi->PS files
   available in a dviware/ directory, pick the appropriate one.

2.  Unpack and install texmflib.tar.gz.  According to the official 'TeX
    Directory System' rules, texmf/ should go in /usr/local/share.  You can
    put it wherever you want, however, and specify additional options to

3.  Unpack the web*.tar.gz files, which will create a directory tree rooted
    at web2c-7.0.  Now, cd web2c-7.0/kpathsea

4.  You will need to change (move) one line in kpathsea/  Here
    is the diff:

    # diff
    < .SUFFIXES: .lo
    < #.SUFFIXES: .lo
    > .SUFFIXES: .lo

    Without this, the list of compilation object filenames do not get passed to
    klibtool and 'make' fails on the first compilation.

5.  cd .. (up to web2c-7.0/) and ./configure, make, etc.


I guess I can see why they use the kpath stuff but it seems unnecessarily
complex given the job that they have to do.  Thanks very much to Dan
Kelson (, Dan McMahill ( and
Taras Ivanenko ( for prompt responses and/or
useful suggestions.

Cheers!  k

	Kelvin Chu				Office: 505.665.1983			   Fax: 505.665.4507