Subject: Partition name for booting.
To: None <port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Kelvin Chu <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 09/10/1997 22:04:49
Hello all;

Due to a HD failure, I recently downloaded and installed NetBSD 1.2.1;
I'm having very little luck w/ getting the Booter to recognize the
kernel.  I used to have 1.2 running just fine.  The error (which is in
the FAQ) is the "Partition -1 is nonexistent.  Cannot open kernel
(1,?) netbsd" error.

Hardware:	MacIIsi, 17Meg Ram, 200Meg HD for NetBSD
Software:	NetBSD 1.2.1 freshly downloaded from the
		Installer 1.1e
		Booter 1.10.3b1
		Mkfs 1.45

Installation procedure:
1.  Formatted, then partitioned disk with Apple_HD_SC_Setup 7.3.5
2.  Disk partitioning: 34 Meg Swap, N-34 Meg Root & Usr.
3.  Installed *121
4.  Did Build Devices
5.  Checked w/ miniroot to see that netbsd was indeed in /

Here's what disklabel from the Miniroot has to say:
sd1a: Root 'NetBSD Root & Usr' at 96 size 987888
sd1b: Root Swap 'NetBSD Swap' at 987984 size 69632
sd1d: Other (APPLE_DRIVER43) 'Macintosh' at 64 size 32

Booter configuration:

Single user, 
extra debugging info, 
GMT Bias -420 min, 
Kernel location = NetBSD/mac
Kernel name = netbsd
Partition name = NetBSD Root & Usr
Root SCSI ID 1
RAM (#MB) 17, Auto-size selected

Here's what I get upon booting:

Debugging at level 3.
Logging to bootlog
Booting...reading partition # 1
reading partition # 2
reading partition # 3
reading partition # 4
Partition -1 is non-existent.
Could not open kernel "(1,?)netbsd".


I'm sure I'm making some tremendously boneheaded mistake...can someone
set me straight?  I had this running correctly under 1.2 but I assume
I was just lucky then.

I'm grateful for any help anyone can give.  Thanks very much. --k

	Kelvin Chu				Office: 505.665.1983			   Fax: 505.665.4507