Subject: Re: color lkm load panic
To: T. Sean (Theo) Schulze <>
From: Andy Sinesio <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 07/16/1997 15:03:50
>This, I think, is a separate problem though, which I think is less 
>important than the inability to load the lkm.  If I do have to compile my 
>own though, I would appreciate some advice, because I have *very little* 
>programming experience  (I can get my Mac to "hello world", but that's 
>about it. :-)  I have been refering to O'Reilly's _Programming with GNU 
>Software_ for some of this, but so far I haven't found the magic words.
>T. Sean (Theo) Schulze
>"...determines to remain seized of the matter."

I'm not 100% sure, but I remember reading that the GENERIC kernels do not 
support color X, which is a shame because the generic kernels are the 
only ones I can find that will work on my Quadra 700.  So, you'll have to 
compile your own kernel with the color lkm stuff.  Don't ask me how to, 
though, because i'm just as clueless as you are on how to do it.  I 
believe it says how to compile your own kernel in the macbsd docs on, in the HOWTO section.

Andy Sinesio