Subject: Re: uucp stuff...?
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 07/15/1997 11:14:16
On 7/14/97 at 3:16 PM -0700, you wrote:

> I thought NetBSD shipped with the Taylor uucp package? It should be
> in there.

It's all there - I wasn't looking in the right place... What I ought to
have done from the start when I couldn't find uucico was to look in
/etc/passwd and see where the uucp account's shell was.

Sorry about the confusion. <sheepish grin>

If anyone else is confused, the binaries live in /usr/libexec/uucp. The
book I am using as a reference (the Unix System Administrator's Handbook)
listed a couple possible spots where binaries are typically kept... One
directory didn't exist, and the other did exist, but was empty. That,
coupled with the fact that /usr/lib/uucp wasn't in either my path or the
collection of directories that whereis searches, led me to incorrectly
believe that the files didn't exist for me.

> I think you want to fight with sendmail's configuration, not uucp per
> say. Though how, as usual, is the question with sendmail.

Hm. sendmail doesn't come into play at all with outbound uucp stuff, does
it? What I'm concerned with is rejection by sendmails at *other* sites.
Maybe this is different enough from uupc on my Mac that sendmail does play
a role...

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