Subject: Re: Mac68k Dream Instalation
To: None <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 05/02/1997 13:44:26
> First off Where in the heck can I find a newer kernel, my curent one in
> 3months old.  I am asking for server and directory, it really took me a week
> to find this one.

Try reading the FAQ and Meta-FAQ.  Both should point you to sources of
recent kernels, but the most recent tend to be those compiled by Scott

> Next..... With my Xproblems.  What server will I find x on and what version
> should I download, last time I came across it I think I downloaded the (don't
> hold me to this) netbsd version.  Then I was wondering how to get it onto my
> hda2 (my UNIX partition)  I do have a supermac video card for now I want to
> use the internal video (I can deal with mono... I use and like plusses)  I am
> guessing I could use the install program to transfer it. 

Once again, this one is in the FAQ, but for future reference:

> Finally I want to get this thing on the net so I don't have to deal with all
> these install problems.  I want my FTP. (thinking Men-at-work...)

That's Dire Straits, actually.  Men-at-Work are the "I come from a land
down under" people.

> But when I
> try to run NetBSD it gives me a core dump.  There are not more details to
> that... It just dumps, and tells me that it does.  It may be the old kernel,
> I think.  I am using an ancient kernel generic-9, don't tease, I can't find
> the newer ones.  

What do you mean:  when you try to run NetBSD it gives you a core dump?
What dumps core????  Do an fsck in single-user and see if this fixes the
> If any of you were wondering i have a IIsi with 17megs of ram and a 699meg,
> 80meg, and a 1.2gig finaly a zipdrive.  I am running on an 80meg partition
> untill I get all the bugs solved, then the 699meg will be used for the unix
> and swap partitions.

Sounds good to me.  I'm running on a 700 MB drive myself.

I hope this helps.


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