Subject: Re: Mac68k Dream Instalation
To: None <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 04/30/1997 14:14:53
> My dream is to have a Package list for each Mac to get them to boot, do
> serial, do ethernet and do x.  For all those at college who want a peice of
> their network and can't shell out the $600 for MachTen. (like I)  

Package list? What do you have in mind? We already have monochrome
kaged up, and a color X kit for systems which support color X (non-internal

> As you can tell what my dream is, I wan to have my IIsi boot and be it's own
> Xserver and be able to be on my school's net.  I don't think this is too
> outta line when it comes to a request.

It should be feasable right now, as long as you're happy with monochrome
X, or have a NuBus video card.

> Speaking of X What packages do I need to pick up and install.  Then again
> Seeing as I cant get my IIsi to dial out onto my current service provider.  

You need to give more details for us to be able to help.

> Anyone willing to help me stopping my computer from doing a core dump
> whenever i try to load netbsd?  And the fact I can't access my /dev/fd  Oh
> well this is my first UNIX attempt.  Any help would be appreciated.

Once again, you need to give more details. Note also that we don't support
floppy drive access at the moment.

Take care,