Subject: Re: X Window window scroll bars?
To: T. Sean \(Theo\) Schulze <71410.25@CompuServe.COM>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 04/05/1997 10:04:46
> For me it wasn't a question of scrolling *back*, but rather seeing the 
> last lines printed (scrolling *forward*).  When, for example, I list a 
> directory with a lot of files in it, the top of the list stays on the 
> screen right after the command prompt at which I typed "ls".

Oh!  So your window is much larger than the screen.  Look into the '-g'
(-geometry) option...  For xterms, it's text rows & columns, for most X
apps, it's pixel dimensions.  You might also want to look into finding a
virtual or panning window mananger.  fvwm and afterstep seem to be
popular.  I don't know if afterstep does panning, though.  I've never
used it.


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