Subject: Re: Q605
To: None <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 02/16/1997 15:05:29
>         I wqnted to know if anyone out there had a Q605 with BSD running on
> it. I have installed everythin from release 1.2 but cant get the booter to
> boot the system. It turns the screen white an then hangs. Am I using the
> correct kernel or is there a speciale one out there for 605's. Am I using
> the right booter (1.9.4) or is there a nother one. Please let me know. I
> would really like to get BSD running on my mac.

Actually, the Q605 is still probably a serial-console only machine at the 
moment (or at least I think it still has ADB problems, but I could be 
wrong).  The other problem with it is that it has an LC040 processor, 
which means that it is going to give you a _lot_ of seg faults and 
possibly illegal instruction errors.  So, you might want to wait a little 
while before you try to get it to work.  However, any of the more recent 
kernels off of (_not_ the 1.2 distribution kernel) might 
have a chance of working somewhat.

I hope this helps some.


Colin Wood                            
Consultant                                        Rice University
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