Subject: Re: source for booter?
To: Allen Briggs < (Colin Wood),>
From: Nigel Pearson <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 02/10/1997 11:25:22
> > 	Booter 1.9.5 has a helpful little button under the "Booting ..."
> > menu item (in the Options menu) for doing just what you want. Click the
> > "Boot in B/W" box, and save your options and preferences. Every time you
> > boot NetBSD from now on, the Booter program will switch to B&W before
> > executing the kernel. When you go back to MacOs, the colour depth will be
> > whatever it was before you loaded the Booter program.
> This sounds like a really cool option, but I'm looking at the dialog in 
> question right now, I don't see any mention of a Boot in B/W box.

	Hmmm. Unfortunately, it appears that there are two different Booters
which both claim to be v1.9.5. The one I was talking about was:

Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 15:52:54 -0500
To: port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG
From: Dan Jacobowitz <>
Subject: B/W Booter Available
All right folks, I'm sorry this took so long.  I have compiled a new
booter.  I'm calling it 1.9.5 (any objections?).  It will be available
within half an hour at <>.  Note
that this is not a declaration of intent to maintain the Booter.
In fact, I will be leaving this list shortly.  School presses harder now,
and I don't have time for NetBSD.  In a couple months, perhaps, I will
return.  I'll just stick around long enough to see if anyone finds a
problem in the Booter.
Changes: Option for B/W Mode booting!
         Rearranged prefs dialogs
         Fixed the buttons in the Untested Machine dialog.

	The other one, which appears to be the one on the proper FTP sites,
doesn't seem to have been announced on the list. The first mention of it
that I could find in the port-mac68k list was here:

Date: Fri, 3 Jan 1997 08:26:58 -0600 (CST)
From: Scott Reynolds <>
To: "Stephen C. Brown" <>
cc: port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG
Subject: Re: Some changes for the brave of heart
On Thu, 2 Jan 1997, Stephen C. Brown wrote:
> Thanks for the continued effort and it is much appreciated, but...
> I tried the patches and get the same results as on the earlier
The screen snapshot seems to indicate that you're using a 1.8 version of
the Booter... is that true?  You will find that's not very compatible with
current kernels due to a resource allocation shortfall.  Get the newest
version of the booter you can find... I'm using a 1.9.5 version (there
were 2 of them, both unofficial; one from Allen, one from a random user).


	Allen, do you remember what changes went into this booter?

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